What is better digital or alternative (retro) playback devices?


What does determine whether digital or an alternative (retro) playback device is better? Some might say that the primary determinant is the age of an individual. Others might argue based on provisions of the sound quality of the playback devices.

In spite of the playback device that an individual prefers, people do not enjoy music any less. However, someone that has been interested in finding out which of the two playback devices is better is much more likely to have had an experience with both of them.

Even though digital technology has made it easier for people to access music, through streaming, people are showing a renewed interest in the novelty of vinyl vintage. People are currently showing more interest in vinyl records, which means that the resurgence might outstrip the growth of music. This situation proves the adage that ‘old is gold.’ The renewed interest in vinyl records could be a factor that indicates that retro playback devices are better than digital devices.

Music lovers, especially those in their 30s and above, prefer listening to vinyl much more than they would prefer listening to digitally formatted music. Several reasons influence the preference. Here are some of the most plausible reasons that could be referred to when indicating that alternative playback devices are better than digital devices.

An improvement in the taste of music

It is difficult to find contemporary music in record stores since most of the production digitize the music. People using alternative playback devices such as vinyl can pick out specific artists or bands that have their songs on vinyl records. They can be able to tell the difference between what the majority are listening to and what they prefer. In this case, they prefer listening to bands that display artistic integrity and not the saccharine music that is characterized by a synthesis of different instruments. Most of the musicians and bands listening to vinyl records do not depend on other people to write their songs. Conversely, they play their own instruments rather than depend on computer-generated beats. For this reason, such people can be regarded as those that can distinguish the different types of production and songwriting. Since bands meet their criteria of good music, listening to music through an alternative playback device is preferable.

Vinyl has better sound

Even though an appropriately mastered compact disc (CD) can produce good quality sound, LPs create some sense of “warmth”, which is associated with a vinyl record. On the other hand, regardless of the notion that the sounds in an LP are less accurate, most of the music listened to in the modern world is broadcasted in a lossy format. The format discards some of the music details thereby reducing its quality. The reason for broadcasting the music in such a format is because of the need to compress the music file to ensure that it is small enough to store in different digital devices. The compression inhibits listeners from getting the full picture of the music track. Vinyl does not lose the format and sound as was intended by the producer

Vinyl can be a good investment

Either it’s online music purchasing or by purchasing an MP3, it would be difficult to resell the music to another interested party in future. However, for vinyl, people purchase and collect different records.

Either the records can keep their value, or their value might appreciate in time. After purchasing a particular record, the buyer becomes the owner, contrary to an individual that downloads music or buys an MP3 since he or she simply licenses the music. For this reason, when an individual is collecting vinyl, the records can be an investment that can be resold at a later date. Purchasing vinyl records is one way through which the buyer can receive a return on his or her investment.

The reasons provided prove that alternative playback devices are better than digital ones. In this case, they do provide not only the qualitative musical aspect of the devices but also the valuable aspect of using the playback devices. Considering the renewed interest in purchasing vinyl records, a plausible consideration is that people continually appreciate the value of alternative playback devices as opposed to digital ones. The reason for the renewed interest is that they are close to what people are likely to obtain when looking for a suitable device for playing good music.

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