How to Write an Essay About the Importance of Art

  Someone may say that art is not of such great importance in human life. Indeed, scientific research, inventions, and research in the natural sciences are much more important. All this gives us knowledge about the world around us, and helps us to survive in it and even, to some extent, manage certain processes. However, have you ever imagine that if art never existed. Which means no songs, no paintings, … Continue reading »How to Write an Essay About the Importance of Art

The Washington Theater Revival Project

After shutting down, reopening, and shutting down again, The Washington Theater is finally getting another chance at reliving its glory days. An icon of the times when it was first built in 1926, when it was called “The Showplace of Northwester New Jersey,” theater has since experienced a series of changes and a long period of no activity – says this importance of art in life essay. After recently receiving … Continue reading »The Washington Theater Revival Project