The Washington Theater Revival Project

After shutting down, reopening, and shutting down again, The Washington Theater is finally getting another chance at reliving its glory days. An icon of the times when it was first built in 1926, when it was called “The Showplace of Northwester New Jersey,” theater has since experienced a series of changes and a long period of no activity – says this importance of art in life essay.

After recently receiving a huge donation from an anonymous sponsor and with the collective effort of volunteers and visitors, The Washington Theater is once again on its way back to a state of grandeur. And we cannot be more excited to get things started.

Planning The Changes

Of course, the work that comes with reviving a cultural landmark is no small task. There requires a special type of planning for renovating a decades-old structure in a way that manages to still preserve its original form, where possible. We are glad to have the support of urban planners, architects, engineers, and other creative minds who have willingly lent their talents and expertise to help the theater regain its original beauty — and perhaps even more.

A lot of work needs to be done, admittedly, and seeing as we are relying on the time, effort, and resources of kind-hearted volunteers, the changes will be gradual and will take some time. That’s why when our anonymous donor handed us with the check to support our efforts, it felt like a new lease of life. Finally, we have the substantial financial backing to move faster forward, so that this generation can see and experience how it is to be in a theater that has been intended for extravagance.

Old Meets New

For one, it will need a new set of premium seats and a new screen. The speakers all over the auditorium will also have to be updated with the latest tech to ensure surround sound like no other. Needless, to say, our team of engineers are looking into the main structure of the building to see what needs to be reinforced and strengthened to support all the possible types of activities that the theater might host in the future. We intend to preserve a huge chunk of the lobby to make it look like how it was back in the day, so that this present generation will at least have an authentic feel of what going to the theater was like originally.

Modern movie houses offer stellar visuals and sound quality. By merging technological advancements in film screening to the old-world interiors of The Washington Theater, we hope to create a unique movie viewing experience for the entire community. Perhaps, with these efforts, the theater could once again become a prime destination for many events, performances, and more — just like the good old days.

All that said, we’d like to once again take the opportunity to thank everyone who has gladly lent their resources and talents to make this project possible. We look forward to what The Washington Theater holds for all of us and cannot wait to revel in the experience once more.

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