Life is full of events. We need to take advantage of some of them and grow in belief, knowledge, and values. Those relevant to us are music and art events. Below are some of the upcoming events including art shows, plays, and exhibitions. We take part in most of them. This is to engage and network with other people in art, music and lively discussions.

Music Events

This Sunday, 3:00 PM

The Cappella Pratensis will be performing at the Performance Hall, University of Chicago. It will be an event powered by the Howard Mayer Brown International Early Music Series. The event is themed “The Imitation Game at the time of Josquin.” The event will cost between 20 and 38 dollars for under 35s and 10 dollars for students.

This Sunday, 2018, 7:30 PM

The Baroque Artists of Champaign-Urbana (BACH) will be performing on this day at the Faith United Methodist Church, 1719 S Prospect Ave. They will be presenting, CPE Bach’s Magnificat. The event will cost 20 dollars for the public and 10 dollars for students.

In two weeks

The Artistic Co-Directors, Opera Atelier, Jeannette Zingg and Marshall Pynkoski, will perform at Joan W. and Irving B. Harris Theatre. The directors will perform Rameau’s Pygmalion and Charpentier’s Actèon and Rameau’s Pygmalion. Payment will be between 35 dollars to 135 dollars regards to seating.

In two weeks

Exiled by the Sephardic Jews will be performed by Istanpitta powered by the Early Music Now. The event will be St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In two weeks

Handel’s oratorio will be performing at the Jewish Reconstructionist Temple at 303 Dodge Ave. The group will be presented by the North Shore Choral Society. Regular will pay 25 dollars, seniors 22 and students 10 for the event.

Art Events

Superheroes- 14th St. and Constitution Ave, NW (Washington, DC)

This event will happen on 20 November 2018.  This event will be a showcase of the collections of artifacts related to superheroes. There will be a chance to interact with comical books, comical art, props, and television and movie costumes.

National Portrait Gallery – 8th and F Streets, NW (Washington, DC)

The event will be displaying portraits of Obama done by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald. The gallery will be turning 50 and would, therefore, be an exhibition of works of the past and today that have made it to the museum collection.

These events are in a range of two wakes. Any can suit you and keep your week going. Make it your goal to attend and have fun.