Ballet in the Romantic Era


The lecture was about Ballet in the Romantic Era which was the period that occurred in mid-19th century mainly in pairs. The ideas of romanticism originated during this age. The themes of ballet dance were influenced by literature and art. The purpose of the dance was to differentiate fantasy, supernaturalism, etherealize and eroticism by bringing the ballerina as the main focus on stage. During these times, the stories mainly dealt with the issues of the goodwill vs. evil, man vs. natural and society vs. supernatural. Additionally, there were other advances in ballet dance such as new costumes and new stage lighting.

The three main things I learned today include popular pieces that were available during the romantic era of the ballet. Secondly, the story of a peasant girl who protected her love from the evil told during the ballet romantic era dance. Lastly, the stage lighting was done by gas lighting which allowed the dancing crew to dim the lights for the certain parts of the performance during this era. As a matter of fact, it has come to my realization that positive attributes were added to ballet dancing as a whole by the romantic era.

In conclusion, I was impacted by Pointe shoes and the tutu because it first came to my mind when the lecturer mentioned the word ballet. Nevertheless, without the romantic era of the ballet, none of the current characteristics of the dance would be available today. Thus, there is more appreciation of this era because it became a pivotal point for the development of ballet dance which is exciting and allowed the dancers to wear a tutu and Pointe shoes. Also, I have an appreciation for the ballerina’s dancers who wore the original Pointe shoes which were not comfortable then but have advanced from the time they were first introduced.

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