Today music and art bring joy to the nature of life. The world is a difficult place but these aspects shape and gives it rhythm. This page is the work Megan McGinnis, and for the same reasons she feels writing about music, art and life is a good thing. This page will demonstrate her love for these three things at different levels. There isĀ  much to expect, the much it says revolves around some aspects, as follows:


The author has taken part in a lot, but art has been a major part of her life. Over the years she has developed knowledge she believes she can transfer to somebody else. Not only to other people does she want to demonstrate and talk about music and life she believes that by writing she can express her experience and be an inspiration to others.

Fostering creativity

Art, music, and life are improved by creativity. The readers of this page will in one way get to interact with content that engages their way of doing things. Being able to create something that is captivating and inspiring life is imperative. Making art and music creatively is the contribution that this page is willing to make.

Make meaning

This page started as a personal blog but has grown over time. The content of this page is to allow the writer and the contributors to the page talk about their work. This page will enable everyone involved to tell what the intention of their content was. The interpretation by supporters is different and being able to make it gives the contributors an entrance into the artists’ world.

Communicate with relevant people and parties

The page is not all one way. Whatever that appears on meganmcginnis.info is meant to trigger useful discussion. The page is a chance to know what artists, music and the public thinks about these three aspects. The page will also allow for post ideas to make the page experience better.

The page has developed over time, and not only Megan McGinnis is involved but also a team of people with diverse interests. Occasionally somebody else in the time to time discussions of the page. The team that makes this page comprises of people that have worked as and with art and music or musicians and wish to share quite essential insights. They can be engaged in any relevant discussions and would appreciate positive criticism.