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How to Write an Essay About the Importance of Art

  Someone may say that art is not of such great importance in human life. Indeed, scientific research, inventions, and research in the natural sciences are much more important. All this gives us knowledge about the world around us, and helps us to survive in it and even, to some extent, manage certain processes. However, have you ever imagine that if art never existed. Which means no songs, no paintings, … Continue reading »How to Write an Essay About the Importance of Art

The Washington Theater Revival Project

After shutting down, reopening, and shutting down again, The Washington Theater is finally getting another chance at reliving its glory days. An icon of the times when it was first built in 1926, when it was called “The Showplace of Northwester New Jersey,” theater has since experienced a series of changes and a long period of no activity – says this importance of art in life essay. After recently receiving … Continue reading »The Washington Theater Revival Project

6 Tips for Writing a Better Art History Essay

If you’ve been assigned an art history paper, it might feel overwhelming for you. It might not be the easiest thing to write about, and you’re probably worried about not finishing it in time or writing it incorrectly. A good art history essay needs to be well-written and engaging. It needs to comprise a strong central thesis that is not only supported by critical argumentation but also selected evidence. Are … Continue reading »6 Tips for Writing a Better Art History Essay

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Why People like Different Styles of Music

  Whatever song a person plays is highly likely to cause his or her brain to release dopamine. The brain releases this same chemical when a person takes drugs, has sex, or takes delicious food. On the same measure, when a person plays a song that he or she enjoys listening to, the chemical is released. In a scenario where an individual chooses a tune that he or she likes … Continue reading »Why People like Different Styles of Music

What is better digital or alternative (retro) playback devices?

  What does determine whether digital or an alternative (retro) playback device is better? Some might say that the primary determinant is the age of an individual. Others might argue based on provisions of the sound quality of the playback devices. In spite of the playback device that an individual prefers, people do not enjoy music any less. However, someone that has been interested in finding out which of the … Continue reading »What is better digital or alternative (retro) playback devices?

Ballet in the Romantic Era

  The lecture was about Ballet in the Romantic Era which was the period that occurred in mid-19th century mainly in pairs. The ideas of romanticism originated during this age. The themes of ballet dance were influenced by literature and art. The purpose of the dance was to differentiate fantasy, supernaturalism, etherealize and eroticism by bringing the ballerina as the main focus on stage. During these times, the stories mainly … Continue reading »Ballet in the Romantic Era

Artwork Analysis paper

  Raphael, Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints, c.1505, tempera and gold on wood is a painting that was made in the early 16th century and was placed in the Mesopotamia museum of art in circa 1504. This period is regarded as the high Renaissance period when art work was given a very strong emphasis and seal by the community (Wallert et al. 1995). The painting was an order of … Continue reading »Artwork Analysis paper

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Art History

  Throughout the years, architecture has evolved from the different architectural designs such as the Romanesque and the Gothic architecture. Some buildings that were built in the medieval ages still command a lot of attention based on their designs and influence on modern architecture. This paper will analyze two architectural structures that stimulated the development architecture in Western Europe. Durham Cathedral in England The Durham Cathedral was designed by William … Continue reading »Art History

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